About us

The Jolly Sailor, run by Ian and Sarahjane Morgan, was taken over in February 2013 and closed down in order to refurbish it. The pub reopened in late April 2013 to a great response, and is one of Farnham's highest rated pubs amongst the locals.

"All our food is locally sourced from traders, including Humphries Butchers of Rowledge, Ridgeway Bakers of Farnham and G Hone & Sons greengrocer, also found in Farnham. We believe there has been a lot of upheaval in Farnham recently and people don’t know where to turn for a good pub and we are very keen to be a part of the town."

Ian and Sarahjane now live above the pub, but hail from Farnborough where Ian used to run The Old Ford pub.The pair say they have had all kinds of people come to The Jolly Sailor so far.

“We’ve had lots of locals as well as people from further afield,” Sarahjane said. “We serve tea and coffee all day which we hope will encourage the elderly people who live towards this end of Farnham to come by as it saves them walking all the way into the town.”

The pub used to be a row of cottages which was converted around 250 years ago. Sarahjane aimed to transform the pub after taking it over and said the reaction from residents has been very positive.

On the wall in the corner is a map of Farnham for those who may have had one too many and can’t remember their way home, while the rest of the room is decked out in traditional sailing colours of blue and white.


Where to find us

The Jolly Sailor stands in West Street just set back from the town centre.

The Jolly Sailor
64 West St,